Wholewheat Bread Loaf

Wholewheat Bread Loaf

Rs. 145.00

Vegan friendly, our Wholewheat Bread Loaf from Baked Darzee provide a balanced start to your day. This artisan bread is made from Wholewheat Flour, Oil, Yeast & Water.

Each Loaf has 11-12 slices.

Macronutrient profile per slice

  • Protein 2.02 gms
  • Fat 1.95 gms
  • Net Carbs 12.25 gms

4 slices equate to 68% of the average daily protein requirement. Pro tip, use 0.8 gm per Kg of body weight to calculate your average daily protein requirement.

Delivered fresh on the same day as baked, 1-2 days from the order date.

Can be used upto 4 days when refrigerated