Rosehip Green Tea

Rs. 850.00
Rosehip with Green Tea from Pahadi Local is your cup of freshness from the mountains. With the goodness of green tea and rosehips, this tea packs an equal punch for taste and health.

This most enchanting blend of green tea & rosehip from Pahadi Local is spiked with the heady aroma of spicy cinnamon. Rosehip, the fruit obtained from rose flowers, which are being more recently used for its health benefits.

Rosehip tea enhances immunity & aids easy digestion. It also helps prevent arthritis. While Cinnamon controls insulin levels, decreases blood sugar & increases metabolism.

Rosehip Tea is comforting and can also be consumed after a spa treatment.

Ingredients: Sundried Rosehip, Cinnamon, Green Tea

Contents: 15 pyramid tea bags