Kashmiri Kahwa

Rs. 499.00
Kashmiri Kahwa from Chado is a traditional beverage from the Kashmir Valley.

Green tea blended with rich pure spices. Cinnamon, cardamom, cloves along with the almond make it warm, smooth and creamy. This Kashmiri Kahwa from Chado is a blend made with select spices and a perfect green tea base.

Tried, tested, and patronised by a few of our native Kashmiri customer, we are sure to delight you with the little magic in the cup from the mystic valley.

Ingredients: Green tea, Cinnamon Chips, Almonds, Cloves, Crushed Green Cardamom and Cardamom Seeds, Almonds, Cinnamon Flavour

Brewing amount: 1 tablespoon per glass

Brewing temperature: 75
°C - 85°C

Brewing time: 1-3 Mins

Recommendation: Not to add milk, Not to add Sweetener

Can be re-infused 

Size: 50 g