Shahi Kaju Barfi (Organic, Gluten Free, Naturally Sweetened)

Rs. 599.00
Gluten Free | Organic | No Added Sugar | Low Carb | Ultra Low GI | Diabetes and Keto Friendly

Shahi Kaju Barfi from D'Alive with its heavenly trio of rose, cashew and gondh brings together a roasted nutty flavour, a crunchy punch and a swweet floral essence.

Age old traditional organic ghee elevates the flavour making it the best celebratory food sure to transport your tastebuds to paradise. Using selective 'no nasty' organic, ultra low GI, nutrient-dense, slow releasing ingredients, this superfood leaves you felling satisfied!

Ingredients: Organic cashew, Organic Dessicated Coconut, Organic Watermelon seeds, Organic Coconut sugar, Organic Ghee, Organic Gunder, Organic Rose Petals, Organic stevia.

Size: 200 g