Organic Buckwheat Flour

Rs. 140.00
Gluten Free | Certified Organic | Stone Ground | Chemical Free | Ethically Sourced | GMO Free | Handpicked Grains

Made from the hulled organic seeds of the buckwheat plant, Green Sense Organic buckwheat flour is a popular substitute for wheat for the gluten tolerant. This flour is stone ground to retain the nutritional value and has coarse texture instead of a very fine texture to improve the digestibility and health benefits.

Ingredients: Organic Buckwheat Flour

Health Benefits: It has a healthier starch and fibre profile. Nutty, healthy and versatile; buckwheat flour improves heart health and is a source of good vegetarian protein. It is also a great source of magnesium and manganese. It is naturally Gluten Free.

Usage: You can knead a dough by taking 8 parts of buckwheat flour and two parts of wheat flour along with some boiling hot water and make chapatis or puris. Light buckwheat flour also acts well as a thickener for soups, stews and sauces.It is fast friendly.

Did you Know: Do not be fooled by its name. It may be called buckwheat but is in no way related to wheat and is thus gluten-free.

Size: 500g

Shelf Life: 6 months