Organic Multigrain Flour

Rs. 135.00
Certified Organic | Complete Protein | Stone Ground | Chemical Free | Ethically Sourced | GMO Free | Handpicked Grains

Multigrain Flour Atta from Green Sense, is made from a healthy mix of high quality organic grains are selected and cleaned under hygienic conditions, using state of the art machines. The grains are then stone ground in slow speed by cold process to preserve its natural aroma and texture.

Organic Multigrain flour is a mix of barley, sorghum, finger millet, black gram, wheat, fenugreek and psyllium husk.

Health Benefits: Multi-grain flours provide a blend of nutrients in each grain.These ingredients infuse proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibre into your diet contrary to single grain flour like wheat. It boosts digestive health and overall wellness. It is a very good option for people with diabetes as it has black gram, psyllium husk and fenugreek.

Usage: It can be used in multiple recipes such as chapatis, theplas, parathas, breads, buns, muffins, lavash etc. Did you Know: Blending grains is a good idea to get a variety of nutrients in your diet and to achieve weight loss as well.

Ingredients: Barley, Sorghum, Finger Millet, Black Gram, Wheat, Fenugreek and Psyllium Husk.

Size: 500g

Shelf Life: 6 months