Carrot Ginger Tofu (Organic Soybeans, Non-GMO)

Rs. 150.00
Organic Soybeans | Non-GMO | Vegan | Gluten-Free | High Protein | Low Carb

Carrot Ginger Tofu from Health on Plants is a flavor created especially for the Indian palette. Inspired by the aromas of freshly plucked coriander, ginger, and carrots, the fermentation of carrot & ginger along with tofu gives a tangy & sharp taste.

The taste is familiar and an absolute treat for the senses. Made in small batches, this carrot ginger tofu is made through a painstaking process.

Carrot ginger tofu Goes well in salads, stuffed parathas, fried rice and tastes delicious as scrambled.

Shelf Life: 30 days from the date of manufacture

Package Weight: 200 grams

Ingredients: Organic Soybeans, RO Water, Carrot, Coriander, Black Salt, Cumin Powder, Table Salt.

Cut open the package, drain out excess water and use it for your cooking or eat it as it is. Once opened use within 3-5 days.