Italian Whole Black Truffle (Exotic)

Rs. 2,800.00

Italian Whole Black Truffles from La Rustichella come in soaked in brine, so as to keep it as fresh as it can be! Slice the truffle nuggets to your preferred thickness over your creations. NOMS!

Direction uf use: Remove the truffle from the brine and let it sit on a towel. Try to gently pat dry any brine liquid still on the truffle.Thinly slice the truffle with a truffle slicer.Then lightly sautee the truffle slivers on either side preferably in a truffle oil or truffle pate or a truffle butter. Then add to a dish at the end of the dishes cooking process. You may still want to further invigorate your dish with that truffle flavor by also adding additional truffle oil or butter to the dish.

Net Weight: 35 gm