Eureka Lemon

Rs. 125.00

Lemon is the one superfood that should be in your fridge at all times. The mighty lemon is the mother of tangy and a major health & detox powerhouse. You count it's health benefits & uses, we count your blessing :)

Eureka lemons have a bright citrus flavor that is very tart owing to the fruit's acidity. They are oblong shaped and noticeably larger in size with bright, textured, sunny thick skin and juicy, yellow flesh. The rind is full of volatile oils, providing an intense citrus aroma. Eureka lemons have a pronounced blossom-end knob.

The zest from the outer peel has a fragrant lemon flavor that lacks tartness or sweetness. The white pith, between the outer peel and juicy flesh, is dry and bitter.

Contains: 200-300 gm of pure seedless lime goodness