Zucchini Yellow

Rs. 75.00

Yellow zucchini or yellow squashes  from Trikaya are harvested when immature, while the rind is still tender and edible. They are a long, slim summer squash aptly named for its bright, golden yellow skin which is shiny and smooth. Its interior flesh is creamy white with a firm yet succulent texture and moist seed cavity.

Mild in flavour, they have a hint of vegetable sweetness. Small to medium (young to middle-aged) yellow squash offer prime texture and flavour of thin, crisp skin and tender, mildly sweet and nutty flesh.

Because it retains its colour after cooking, it also makes a sunny addition to any dish. It can be used raw or cooked and in both sweet and savoury preparations. Yellow squash can be stir fried, sautéed, grilled, fried, steamed or hollowed out, drawn into noodles, stuffed and baked.

Yellow squash bruises easily and ideally should be used immediately but will keep for up to a week in cold, dry storage.

Weight: 250-350 g