California Pistachio Crunch (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Rs. 299.00
Vegan | Gluten Free | No Preservatives | No Added Sugar

California Pistachio Crunch from Epiphany Snacks are a bite full of flavour and health.  The crispy taste of the Pistachio gets taken over by the mildness of sweet brown rice syrup. An ideal snack on-the-go that fuels 17% protein with its every pack, the California Pistachio Crunch is a crunchy delight not to be missed.

With its unconventional combination of freshly selected and peeled green pistachio nuts, the California Pistachio Crunch are bite sized gobbles that not only appeal to the eyes but also infuse preservative-free and cholesterol less nutrition, married with a distinct flavor!

These nut pops are a blast of energy and nutritional goodness. If you’re someone who’s always on the go, or know someone who is, this makes an ideal snack for you or as a gift. Binge on this post workout or as an evening bite too!

Weight: 85 g