Tahini Spread (Creamy, No Added Sugar)

    Rs. 400.00
    100% White Sesame Seeds | No Added Sugar

    Tahini from The Butternut Co. is a nutty, earthy and creamy white sesame seed spread! An unsweetened and nut-free, the versatile Tahini, made with lightly toasted and aromatic white sesame seeds is creamy to its very core. And like the rest of it’s unsweetened family, Tahini contains no added sugar, packs a protein punch and adds a whole heap of calcium. No nonsense. Only a real, really seedy spread!

    How to eat: Add to hummus, create dips, whip up sauces, bake with it, hide inside gravies, make ice cream, cook pasta, stuff inside dates, invent salad dressings. We can go on…. you see?

    Ingredients: White Sesame Seeds (100%)

    Note: Oil Separation is a natural process. Stir it back in and enjoy as usual!

    Weight: 340 g