Free Range Eggs Subscription (Happy Hens)

    Rs. 1,200.00
    Free Range Eggs | Pasture Raised | Certified Humane | Socially Responsible | High in Omega 3, Protein and Carotenoids


    Because life's too short to run for eggs every time!!

    How the subscription works: 

    • Pick your start date (Once you subscribe, we'll get in touch to make this a breeze)
    • Pause your subscription at any point, just inform us 2 day prior and we'll do the rest
    • Resume at any time, your subscription will start from your preferred date
    • Transfer to another user or cancel anytime

    Did we mention that you get a super sweet deal with free deliveries on most of the subscriptions?! Another reason to smile :D

    These free range eggs are produced in a sustainable ecosystem. The feed provided does not include any antibiotics or additives and consists of well-balanced diet of nutritious plants, seeds, legumes, rich flax seed cakes & 100% organic herbs.

    Shelf Like: 15 days from date of packing in ambient temperature, 30 days under refrigeration