Soyabean (Organic, Non GMO)

    Rs. 110.00

    Certified Organic | Non GMO | Complete Protein Source (Plant Based)

    Soyabeans from Conscious Foods are entirely organic, GMO-free and incredibly nutritious. They make for a reliable and high quality source of non animal-derived protein.

    Soyabean contains all of the 9 amino acids and is a popular choice of protein among vegans and vegetarians. It is low in saturated fat and contains cholesterol lowering phytosterols, thereby protecting the heart. Apart from these properties it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fibre and minerals like copper, manganese and iron and contains antioxidants that fight cancer. It should be noted that soyabean should consumed in moderation.

    Ingredients: Organic Non GMO Soyabean

    Weight: 500g