Chilka Moong Dal (Organic)

    Rs. 145.00

    Reduces Cholesterol | High Plant Based Protein | Nutrient Dense 

    Rich in fibre and vegetarian protein, Organic Chilka Hara Moong Dal from Praakritik helps lower bad cholesterol. It is antioxidant in nature and is rich in vitamins and minerals. These little green green beans are a potent potion to regulate blood pressure and diabetes.

    Organic Chilka Hara Moong is a powerhouse of nutrition and helps manage bad cholesterol. Easy to digest, it is a great source of protein for diabetics. Several diets across the world say that this lentil has alkaline forming properties and is great to keep a balanced PH level. Soak these lentils overnight and let them sprout to release the full potential of their natural goodness.

      Ingredients: Organic Chilka Moong Dal

      Weight: 500 gm