Cumin Powder (Organic Jeera Powder)

    Rs. 105.00

    Fragrant Organic Jeera Powder from Praakritik is made of cumin seeds procured from the finest organic farms in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Smoky, nutty and warm in flavor, jeera powder makes your food finger-licking good and super healthy.  

    Cook this Organic Jeera Powder on a slow flame to release all its aroma while preserving its natural goodness. You can also roast it and add it in marinades, Yogurt or buttermilk.

    • According to Ayurveda, Cumin is vitamin and mineral rich and helps in balancing all Doshas
    • Anti-Inflammatory and iron-rich herb
    • Known to help manage cholesterol, diabetes, breathing and digestive disorders

    Ingredients: Ground Jeera Seeds

    Weight: 100 gm