Cumin Seeds (Organic Jeera Whole)

    Rs. 95.00

    Organic Whole Jeera from Praakritik is grown in organic farms in Rajasthan and Gujarat and handpicked as a daily essential for your wellbeing.

    Jeera unveils a world of flavour and goodness in your food. Just a tiny portion of these iron and fiber rich seeds can liven up your Indian, Asian or Mexican cooking. If cooking ain’t your thing, just dry roast and pop in a few of these everyday or brew them with your cuppa tea to smile your way to good health.

    Organic Whole Jeera or Cumin Seeds are taste enhancers but dig deeper and you will find a whole world of wellness packed with medicinal value in each tiny seed. 

    • Antioxidant, Anti-flatulent
    • Helps maintain dental hygiene
    • Iron and Fiber rich
    • good for asthama, bronchitis, IBS, insomnia, gas, bloating, anemia, diabetes and cardio vascular problems

    Ingredients: Whole Jeera Seeds

    Weight: 100 gm