Ciabatta 82 (Vegan, Organic Whole Wheat)

Rs. 225.00

Vegan | Made with Organic Wheat | Sourdough Preparation

Ciabatta 82 from Pure Brot is a classic Italian sandwich bread with a history. 

The year is 1982. The 64 8-Bit computer is released. The first compact disc is sold in Japan. Micheal Jackson releases Thriller. And at a mill in Italy Arnaldo Cavallari is especially excited.

For years Rome could only look on, horrified, as large-scale imports of baguettes from France threatened to monopolize the sandwich market in Italy. It was time to hit back. After weeks of testing, refining, and adapting existing regional loaves- Cavallari invents Italy's very own dedicated snack bread!

Ingredients: Organic wheat, water, Sourdough, Yeast, Salt

Weight: 400 gm

Storage Note: Bread can be refrigerated at 2C for up to 7 days (refrigerator temperatures may vary and affect recommended storage times). We recommend freezing most of our bread as they'll keep perfectly at -18C (frozen slices can be placed directly in the toaster). No Fuss. No Rush.