Seedy Artisan Sourdough (Vegan, Organic Whole Wheat)

    Rs. 175.00

    Vegan | German Style Sourdough | Organic Stone Ground Whole Wheat

    Seeds, seeds, seeds!

    The seedy artisan sourdough from Pure Brot has the goodness of Flax Seeds, Black Sesame, White Sesame, Watermelon Seeds, and Amaranth. Best well toasted.

    Ingredients: 50% Organic Stone Ground Whole Wheat (Wholegrain), 50% Wheat, Flax Seeds, Black Sesame, White Sesame, Watermelon Seeds, Amaranth, Sourdough (Yeast), Salt, Water.

    Weight: 400/800g

    Storage Note: Bread can be refrigerated at 2C for up to 7 days (refrigerator temperatures may vary and affect recommended storage times). We recommend freezing most of our bread as they'll keep perfectly at -18C (frozen slices can be placed directly in the toaster). No Fuss. No Rush.

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