Red Kidney Beans (Organic)

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    100% Organic Certified | Superior Grain Quality and Consistency | High in Protein and Fibre | Source of Thiamine (Vitamin B1) | Naturally Low in Fat

    Organic Red Kidney Beans from Truefarm are a great source of clean plant based protein and fiber. With over 22g Protein per 100g of Red Kidney Beans, they're also naturally low in fat and rich in Potassium, which helps manage blood pressure, together with Manganese to help energy Production and act as an Antioxidant. There is also a high concentration of Iron to combat tiredness and fatigue and promote cognitive function.Truefarm Kidney Beans are also Rich in Thiamine, or Vitamin B1, which is involved in making energy as well as normal functioning of the heart, along with folate which helps the way the body uses Amino Acids in Protein, supports the immune system and combats tiredness and fatigue.

    Ingredients: Organic Red Kidney Beans

    Weight: 500 g